High Availability Solutions (HA)

Today’s business environment often requires continuous availability of data access. There’s no room for inactivity times and low tolerance for data loss. Industry regulations and Service Level agreements demand high availability and frequently include large penalties in inability to comply.

Soluções Alta Disponibilidade (HA)

Clients and partners demand continuous availability. Your company needs a robust solution to protect you from potential disasters, like system failures, user errors and even system’s inactivity due to maintenance tasks.

FLEXITY has solutions that allow for continuous system availability and reduce unavailability periods originated by disasters and others causes, either controlled or not.

Main Benefits

  • Protection of your business from the high cost of unavailability
  • Care-free protection from data loss
  • Flexibility on your choice of infrastructure
  • Simplification of HA/DR solutions management and monitoring
  • IBM i systems optimization
  • Quick ROI (Return of Investment)

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