Disaster Recovery Solutions (DR)

Companies of all sizes need to access data and critical applications of workers, customers and partners on a 24/7 service level. When a disaster occurs that destroys data and applications or provokes a significant period of unavailability, survival of your business may be at risk.

Soluções Recuperação de Desastre (DR)

Nightly backups or periodical daily backups aren’t adequate because data added between those backups isn’t saved. To find a time frame to execute the backups is often a challenge. Even worst is the time needed to find the right tape and successfully restore data, which can often take hours and, sometimes, days.

FLEXITY provides solutions that allow for a complete Disaster Recovery on entry level IBM i Power systems, protecting your data and applications in real-time and allowing for a faster than expected recovery.

Main benefits

  • Protects your business from data loss
  • Reduces unavailability costs, allows your business to become operational quicker than tape recoveries
  • Reliable recovery of replicated data
  • Reduces IT resources needed for DR solutions administration and monitoring

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